Vision & Mission

To become a leader in packed natural products manufacturing & distribution by providing consistent quality,cost effectiveness and technologically advanced healthy solution with customer satisfaction.

We, SWADESHI FOODS are committed to deliver the best in class, hygienic, natural solution in packed ready to use products. Our passion is to transform and build “natural healthy chain” networks, making it more efficient for both our customers and the country. As name suggests we are also committed to promote the use of natural SWADESHI products by creating awareness and benefits of products.

Quality Standard

Company is rigorously focusing to maintain quality standards by implementing strict & rigid quality control

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system starting from incoming raw material inspection to finished product delivery. Company have strong and stringent quality control system with backup of in house R&D facility, meeting all parameters and requirements of FSSAI.


Company have deep expertise in manufacturing process of dehydrated products. Our professional experience lies in all areas like manufacturing, distribution, raw material procuring, technological advancement, new product development, product review, market research and requirements etc.

Research & Development

New product development of SWADESHI FOODS is based on close loop feedback system by constructive dialogue and co-operation between company personal , dealer, distributor, retailer and customer. Company R&D department is also guided by technical experts, food processing experts, agricultural university professors and customers.