Who We Are

Man-made/factory-made/synthetic foods or any foods, which have been highly sugared, salted and processed, are devoid of so many of the nutrients and life-giving substances needed for optimal health. When making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, it is a good idea to acknowledge the importance of consuming natural, organic foods and natural ingredients rather than overly processed foods. There are usually several ingredients on the label that we cannot even pronounce correctly. Likely, ingesting preservatives that we don’t know the names of are only harming our bodies, not improving our health.

SWADESHI FOODS is one of the dynamic and exponentially growing Indian company primarily engaged in field of preparation and distribution of various fruit & vegetable powder products. With the idea and prime objective Availability of Ready to Use Natural Products, company launched natural fresh lemon juice in the form of powder, easy to carry, best storage time, highly economical, healthy, without any chemical additive and hygienic solution as an energy drink with lemon powder, salt, sugar, mint, paper and ginger powders as an ingredients. Company also launched various dehydrated products in the form of small packing easily available to facilitate working person. Also company have its own honey comb for distribution of natural honey.